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CareHR is a free professional networking community connecting professional caregivers, home health aides, nurses, CNAs, and other care professionals to open jobs. Free online professional profiles give candidates immediate exposure to a broad community of hiring managers searching for candidates today. Powerful features and tools make job search effortless, letting jobs find candidates, thus increasing the chances of being placed quickly. CareHR was founded by Atlanta home care veterans with more than 25 years of operating experience, having provided employment to thousands of care professionals.
CareHR makes your job search effortless by having jobs find you, putting you in the right place at the right time, without knocking on doors or always following up. We provide recruitment services for home care agencies, assisted living, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities and hospice.
Yes, CareHR is completely free to join as a caregivers. Once you complete your profile you can apply to any number of jobs and employers in your area. There are no hidden charges or limitations to your profile.
Only verified home care agencies can join CareHR. Our 3-step verification process ensures only qualified employers contact you.
To contact caregivers, employers must:
  1. Be a licensed home care company or facilities in the state they operate.
  2. Verify the business phone number, mailing address and website with CareHR.
  3. Perform a credit card transaction with a valid matching card.
Additionally, caregivers can see each employer who has viewed your profile page and deactive their account anytime.
Recommendations and confirmations help us verify the caregivers employment history. The more recommendations you have from co-workers and past employers the better your profile will look to future employres.
Even if you are currently working, the perfect career opportunity may become available tomorrow, and your online resume works like an agent that never stops bringing new opportunities to you.
Frustrated not getting past a resume screen? Worried you're lost in the shuffle? Is there more to your story? While other candidates sink in a sea of paper resumes, adding a recorded interview gains you valuable attention and face-time from HR, helping you get past the first step and get an in-person interview.
Your photo should be:
  • A solo photo of just you. Either a head or upper body shot.
  • A professional looking photo. No party pictures please.
CareHR is a professional networking community connecting home care agencies with professional caregivers, home health aides, nurses, CNAs, and other care professionals. Powerful features and tools make job search effortless, increasing the chances of finding the right caregiver quickly.
Currently we offer two plans for recruiters:
  • Free Plan
    The free plan has limited features for recruiters, but allows you to view unlimited number of caregivers profiles and post one job per month. Additionally you may use other CareHR features for free. See Pricing Plans For Details
  • Platinum Plan
    This platinum plan allows you to contact as many caregivers as you would like and to post unlimited job postings within one metro area. See Pricing Plans For Details
Absolutely. We offer a 7-day trial of the Platinum plan that will allow you to contact and post as many jobs as you would like within those 7 days. If you do not find the service valuable in that period, you can downgrade back to the free plan and you will not be charged anything. Register For 7-day Trial
We currently operating in a limited number of cities but are constantly adding new cities. Because it is free to join and search caregiver profiles, we recommend you go ahead and join then if we don't have enough caregivers we will notify you as we get more in your area. Recruiters Join For Free
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